This Is Techno #27

Three smoking hot techno tracks from Europe, fresh out of the melting pot!

Julian Meinke (Austria) – Laika

You wanted dark and stomping? Julian got you covered. A new name on this blog, mr Meinke is serving classic techno/tech-house vibes, and he does it well.

No melodic layers to distract us from the fundamental, mechanical groove. And the darkness! omg the darkness… The sub frequencies fill every corner of the studio where I write this. I’m embraced by the rumbling darkness.

This one slams like a hammer.

08 Orbit (Sweden) – Come with me (2022 Edition)

And the massive vibe continues with this next one from Sweden. It’s big, it’s rolling, and it makes us move.

And while it’s not like it delivers anything fundamental NEW to the techno table, it’s a well arranged, flawlessly mixed club track that knows how to build a groove.

And really, that’s a major part of what techno is all about, isn’t it?

Bonzan (Poland) – Atomic

It’s not often I am to hear club music from Poland, so the more fun it is once I do get the chance to do so. And I’m not sure why but this creation kind of gives me a hint of rave vibes, do you agree?

I perceive it to be a quite balanced track between accessible and underground. It’s melody driven, but not too much so. A cool groove. Dark, without being too sinister. Rough, without being too gritty.

I can imagine this one will work on a wide range of techno focused dance floors.

All three are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect only the finest peak hour techno tracks as we discover them.