Ambient Universe #119

Three great new releases on the thriving ambient scene. Not too dark a selection this time around. But very, very peaceful. Sleep on this, friend.

Thymae (UK) – Orbiste

Piano. Quite possibly the most used acoustic instrument in ambient. It’s also the instrument that often makes me uninterested in a release. It’s typically causing the track to become too close to elevator music.

Not so this time. The delicate and thin veil spun by the piano in this piece, so careful, so gentle, works wonders for the track.

It also helps that it’s quite the space between each note. A space gorgeously filled by the background pads.

ivoryHAUS (USA) – Breathe

My favourite ambient music holds as little melodic components as possible. I like the dark, deep, atmospheric and utterly abstract compositions that’s quite minimal in nature, but still with layered depths.

Like here. One note is the focal point, that’s it. But wait – there’s more. Things are going on in the background here. Lots of things. That’s where we should direct our attention. There’s a world here. Encompassed by the calm drone in front, colouring it all.

We Dream of Eden (USA) – Lay Down (Sonant Rework)

We Dream of Eden may be considered a regular occurence on our Spotify playlist now, and for good reasons. They typically go beyond the “long pads in slowly evolving harmonics” formula to cook up something a bit more original – while maintaining that ever-important calmness induced by the mentioned formula.

As demonstrated with this release. Associations to wind chimes are obvious, but it’s not just that. The canvas is filled out with all those little details and background noises that makes for a complete picture.

All three are added to the really quite excellent collection of tracks gathered on our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them.