The Deep Lounge #46

When it comes to club music I have a huge preference for instrumentals. But there’s one genre I have a higher acceptance of vocals, and that’s on minimal house tracks of the deeper kind. Here’s three great examples of that.

Bross (Romania) – Renaissance

There are a certain kind of tracks where the groove is the kind that makes you smile, bop your heads calmly and nod approvingly to your friends, who’s vibin’ just like you.

Don’t you agree this is one of those tracks?

Never too eager, never too intrusive, it just slides into your mind and spreads out, making you feel all cosy and warm.

Jackson Pendegraf (Australia) – Haunted

Smooth female vocals on groovy house beats is a timeless power combo. We just can’t get enough of it here at the Beatradar studio. So when this one arrived in our inbox, we instantly cranked up the volume.

As should you.

Quivver & Dave Seamen feat. Brianna Price (UK) – Rockets & Rainbows

And speaking of power combos: I’m rounding off today’s session with a really deep and techy house track, with cold spoken words on top. A combo I have always loved ever since Lil Louis rocked the clubs with his shockingly minimalist track “I Called U“.

A stone cold beat with a techy bass hook rolling endlessly, delicately sprinkled with garnish on top to make the soundscape ever changing.
Love it. Simply love it.

All three sits proudly on our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge”, where they will reside for a good time. Check out the rest of the list too, I can almost guarantee you there’s some undiscovered nuggets there for you.