The Underground House Bunker #29

I’m in a frisky mood today. So it’s time to pull out the peak hour house slammers.

HNTR (Canada) – Oh Please

Properly dark, properly pumping, with a bassline to die for. Yeah, this one checks all marks on my preference list.

A minimal vibe, but without ever growing stale.

And omg, dat bass… <3

LYGER (Israel) – High

There’s a certain old-school vibe to this one. I’m taken back to some crazy DJ mixes (by Spanish DJs!) back in the late 90s or thereabouts, recorded live at clubs down there.

But it’s not like I now imply that this track is outdated. No way.
This is proper clubbing vibes exactly how we want’em today just as much as back then.

Daniel Daraban (Ukraine) – Avalent

I’ll round off this session with this gorgeous thing from Ukraine.

A progressive vibe for sure, so dark and seductive that I can’t do anything but to give in to the legit vibes radiating from this production. So much so, that I also added this one to our playlist “The Progressive Underground” in addition to the below mentioned list.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker” where we collect only the finest underground grooves from the wonderful world of house music.