This Is Techno #28

Two stompers from each side of the pond: It’s UK pitched against USA in this edition of This Is Techno.

BEC (USA) – Phantasy

There’s no beating around the bush with this one.

Bang on the beat from the first second – perfect to pull into the mix towards the end of the set. Because, that’s where this track belong. When you’re REALLY gonna push the floor to the max.

This’ll leave’em dripping wet – and wanting more.

Woodman (UK) – Mortal

We’re staying in the dark room, but going even deeper in this next one, from the UK. Some really nice arrangement details are sprinkled across this track, making us wake up and pay attention.

And when we reach the acidic segment at the end… Well, we’re there. Yeah.

Both are added to our Spotify playlist “This Is Techno“, where we collect our favourite peak hour tracks as we discover them.