Ambient Universe #120

If I were forced to choose ONE genre to listen to for the rest of my life – a scenario that is in itself a nightmare to think of but if I HAD to – I think I quite possibly would have chosen ambient. I can’t imagine a life without letting my imagination drift off to and ambient soundtrack.
Here’s three good reasons why.

Thymae (UK) – nedyore

Melodies in ambient is something that rubs me the wrong way. It’s supposed to be more abstract than a structured, timed string of tones. So when I hear just a hint of piano, my cautiousness is risen.

But in this case I could sit back again, reassured. Yes there is a piano in here, but it’s so carefully used, so gentle presence, that it indeed only adds to the abstract drawing rather than diverging from it.

A lovely track with a comfortable atmosphere, cosy in a cabin on the mountains kind of way.

Metawaves (Russia) – It Snows In Space

Strong winds have always had a special effect on me. I shiver down my spine in pure delight whenever I have the pleasure of walking through really rough weather. With a good jacket protecting me from cold. Just feel the nature pulling in me.

As an extension of this fascination, ambient tracks that gives me that same airy atmosphere will always fetch my attention. And imagination. All of a sudden I find myself in a deserted location with a blizzard whipping my face, carrying salty droplets from the wild seas covering my horizon.

This track gives me that vibe. And I love every single second of it.

ivoryHAUS (USA) – Introspection

And while I’m on the topic of windy compositions, this one follows suit although in a calmer fashion.

Slow waves are rolling towards the peaceful shore as the midnight breeze embrace us where we lay. With eyes closed. Only sensing our existence. Only living. To the fullest.

All three are added to our excellent ambient playlist over at Spotify: Ambient Universe. This list has been around for years now, and it’s never gone a week without it being updated with new discoveries.
So if there’s only ONE ambient list you want to follow, this could pretty well be it. We never go to sleep without it.