The Ambient Universe #121

Three new ambient releases. All peaceful. All dreamy. Without even a hint of a beat or abrupt movements. That’s how we like’em.

Reflections of The Past (Georgia) – Echoes

This is such a classic ambient track. Long pads in slow harmonies. Some distant bells. And total, uninterrupted peace of mind.

But I mean, we all need this in our lives. Chances are very good that you too fell in love with ambient precisely because of tracks like this.

It’s the main gateway to the genre, as far as I am concerned.

The American Dollar (USA) – The Beginning (We Dream of Eden rework)

We Dream Of Eden is not a new name for the regular reader of this column (or listener of the playlist). Here they have reworked a piece from their colleagues over at The American Dollar.

Peaceful? But of course. And melodic. With strong references to mother nature. In fact, a bit too much so for my general liking, but there’s just no denying the gorgeous soundscapes created here.

A cliché is only a cliché if poorly implemented.

Niclas Tamas (Hungary) – Pythagorean Wilderness

A dark, post-apocalyptic or utterly alien urban horizon. That’s what materialize in my imagination when this one plays.

A city I want to explore. A city, at first glance deserted, but on closer inspection holds apparent signs of current activity. Why do they hide? Are they predators? Or prey?

And what are we?

… Omg. Do you feel it too?
We need a dark sci-fi mmorpg. And we need it now.

All three are added to our nirvana of ambient delight, the Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where all our fav ourite new discoveries are collected. Weekly updated for years now, this is the list to trust.