The Beach Lounge #46

It’s at the peak of winter here in northern Europe now. And although I really have grown to also like winter, I can’t help but longing for long summer nights. Here’s three tracks that takes us there in an instant.

Shani Zen (USA) – Silence

How we like our chill-out? Oh, thanks for asking! We like’em with a big, fat, soft bass to dive into, and gentle melodies shimmering over us like sunbeams. Yeah. That’s how we like’em.

And that’s exactly what Shani delivers here. In spades and bucketfuls. With sunscreen.

The bass can’t get any fuller than this. The melodies can’t get gentler.
And we can’t possibly feel better than we do right now.

Catatonique (Mexico) – Abime

Ever since I discovered the gorgeous music of Mecano back in the late 80s I’ve had a soft spot for the Spanish language. It’s just so beautiful, so seductive, so… Organic. Melodic.

And vocals paired with a rather mechanical bed of synths like we have here makes for such a gorgeous contrast. And beneath the calm exterior, right under the surface, there’s a seriously catchy groove working.

And we’re all here for it.

Padre Tóxico (Poland) – FloatingThe Beach Lounge

Here’s one of those repetitive, floating(!) tracks that is so incredibly suitable for a backdrop of any harmonic setting one can imagine, but especially in a warm outdoor environment with sweet drinks and a gorgeous sunset.

Peaceful, friendly, even hypnotic. These are all adjectives that pops up as we let this one roll.

And we will continue to do so, for quite a while. All while letting our minds wander… drift off… into thoughts undiscovered and atmospheres coloured with hope and salvation.

All three are added to our amazing playlist on Spotify for lazy summer days (or days where you want it to be like that), “Beach Lounge“. Weekly updated for years now, this is one list trustworthy for regular discoveries of new downtempo gems.