The Deep Lounge #47

Two deep tracks today, both with that lovely underground groove we always seek. So, are you on the lookout for new House tracks to spin? These two should not be missed.

Nolephant ft. Yury (USA) – Numb

Here’s a quite techy and utterly cool track from the states. I’ve always been a fan of spoken word in club music, especially on top of the more minimal kind of tracks. And this is another good example of why.

For the music geeks of us it’s always fun to speak about the mix of a track. And I find this one to be really well mixed, pushes hard without being too compressed. It slams while still maintaining plenty space in the mix. A lot of fresh club music producers have a lot to learn there.

Music P & Marque Aurel (Germany) – Strahlemann

This track is a bit fun to pull out to you, because it features that house piano we’ve all heard bucket-loads of times before. I usually react with a hard NO whenever I hear that sound again.

Not so here. Well, partially because there’s not a lot of it used, but also because I think it is used very effective. It has a purpose. It’s not just a cliche, like we hear piano stabs far too often used in house music for that “authentic old-school feel”.

I just LOVE the groove here and wouldn’t change a thing.

Both are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect the tracks we cover under this column. Weekly updated for years now, this is one reliable source for new discoveries from the minimal and deep house scene.