The Underground House Bunker #30

Time to head down to where the sun may never shine, but the clubbers sure do! It’s time for some proper underground house beats.

Otthoniel Aguilar (El Salvador) – Wrong

Starting this session in a deep, groovy, smooth way.

Lovely vibe to warm things up a bit. While sipping on an elegant drink in good company. Before you head out to the dance floor to stretch the legs a little.

Because, that’s what I like about these kind of Deep/Minimal House tracks: They work both as floor fillers and background atmospheric fillers. One can easily have this one rolling both in a lounge and on the main floor. It’s not many genres that works well like that.

Nog (USA) – Aina

A very classic club beat builds the foundation of this track. Yeah, we’ve heard these hihats and kicks in this pattern before.

But hold on, let it swirl for a while. Let the percussion seduce you, the bass enthrall you, and the vocal chops engage you. This one here is primed to make the dance floor boil.

Or, to put it this way – if this doesn’t move’em you’re booked at the wrong club.

D3fai (Argentina) – Press It On You

I’ll round off this session with a track that push it a bit harder than usual for this column. I’d describe this one as hard techno beats underneath a Tech House topping.

And I found this combo to be quite interesting.

Would I play this one at a house club? It depends. But at the right club with the right crowd this would be mental.

That’s not to say I don’t think the kick is a weee bit too hard here. But I mean – it’s a cool track still, right? It seriously shakes the walls, for sure.

All three are added to our quite unconditionally underground House playlist on Spotify, “Underground House Bunker”, where we collect all the tracks covered in this column.