The Underground House Bunker #31

We enjoy a relatively wide range of electronic music here on Beatradar, from quiet ambient drones to loud techno. But when we really want to pull all plugs at our office, we head to the Underground House Bunker.

Bubba Brothers (Portugal) – Desire

I’m starting the session today with this gorgeously deep tribal groover from Portugal. Subtle progression across the track, really diving deep into the vibe.

And what a vibe. This is what underground tribal house is all about for me. The minimal arrangement, super focused on the percussion. All in a ritualistic style.

And like I’ve said a hundred times before on this blog: Spoken word works ridiculously well on minimal arrangements. As proven yet again right here.

This one is a slow burner that deserves to be allowed to stretch out towards the 7 minute mark. We want it no shorter.

Yes, goosebumps, I welcome thee as I crank up the volume.

OBAŸASHI (USA) – Are You In?

Turning the intensity dial up a few notches with this next one, from the United States. In many ways a very classic house track for the club floors, it has elements from pretty much all decades since the mid 90s.

And maybe that’s why I – having been a DJ since the turn of the century – find this track to be so ridiculously seductive. More than I want to admit, really.

I mean, it’s not like we’ve not heard any of the producer tricks here, plenty times. Including the sampled soul vocals.

But when it works, it fuckin’ rocks. And it does so, right here.

I’m in!

Jay Bird (USA) – Feel the Love

And we continue on the classic tech house path with this next one. I mean, why the hell not. Material like this is a sure floor boiler – and there’s a reason for that.

Rock solid bass groove that keeps rolling with no digression whatsoever through the entire track. Repetitive samples that adds a fine layer of organic hype. Overly loud hats that cuts through the mix like sun beams on a bright summer morning. Yeah yeah – this is how it’s done sine the dawn of time.

And trust you me – it will keep working until the end of time.

All three are added to our properly underground and seriously groovy Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker” where we collect only the finest club tracks for those peak hour moments.