This Is Techno #29

Two quite unique techno tracks today. High energy – but not only suitable for the dance floors. This is techno one can sit back and peacefully enjoy, all thanks to their interesting soundscape.

Arkle (UK) – Sub Club

Here’s a real cool one. A unique sound. Something that is suitable both for the club night and to sit back and enjoy in a headset.

Often it’s either/or. But the relatively gentle vibe (despite the tempo) and the ever changing arrangement with all those neat little production details really makes for a great listening experience.

I just love this track.

Marine Deringe (France) Babylone

Marine is pulling us into harder lands with this great new release. Fundamentally harder, yes, but also both melodic and even… Peaceful. It’s intense, but friendly.

And it’s big. Huge, even. A massive sound.

At the right club this one surely has the potential of being be one of the highlights of the night.

A track to remember.

Both are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where only the finest techno tracks are collected as we discover them. Just press play.