Ambient Universe #122

There’s been an incredible amount of great new drone ambient releases so far this year. Here’s a handful of picks just from the last couple of weeks.

ChristophUL (USA) – Lunar, Arising

Classic deep space vibes here. And I’m so totally here for it.
A quite minimalist arrangement, and that’s when the details becomes more crucial.
And here it’s the blips that adds a texture that sets it apart from other drone tracks that follows the established formula of long pads in slow harmonics.

And that distant guitar(?) swimming in reverb around midway… Just perfect. This is such an inspirational track for me as an ambient creator myself.

Revisor451 (Germany) – Manta

We’re over in orchestral ground with this next one. Very melodic, utterly atmospheric. Peaceful.

It also gives me slightly oldschool vibes, this one. I think I can sense both figments of Twin Peaks(!) and Jean Michel Jarre in this piece. Neither are bad associations in my book.

I could perhaps have wished for slightly more progression or variation in the piece. If I was at the helm I’d do that, because the main pad here is quite dominant in the picture.
But I’m totally fine with the vibe delivered.

Lineae (Romania) – Callisto

And finally, despite the cover art, I’m in sent into deep seas with this one.
Strange creatures floating by, distant colours shimmering from light sources unclear.

At least until the organ pulls the atmosphere up to orchestral levels. And yes, then I am perhaps now flung into deep space instead. With strange new worlds passing by, crossing distant colours shimmering from thousands of stars.

Either way – I love it. Real trippy vibe on this one. Imaginative.

All three are added to our ever-growing Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest new drone ambient are added on a weekly basis. It’s been going for years now, in fact it’s one of our very first playlists. So it’s long proven itself to be a reliable source for new ambient discoveries.
Come fly with us.