Ambient Universe #123

Three great new ambient releases that should satisfy even the most picky drone lover out there. Come levitate with us.

Of Those Who Know (USA) – Deep Blue Slumber

It’ such an apt title on this one. We are indeed deep into the blue here. Being the blue seas, or sky.
Drifting, weightless.

Slowly we proceed through a dark yet colourful, abstract environment.

We like it here.

dopeman (Germany) – It’s Getting Colder

It’s getting darker and less colourful with this next one, from Germany. The only light provided by a piano, who sprinkles the grey backdrop with tender pastel colours.

I’m in a post apocalyptic scenario now. A sole survivor, sitting by a piano inside the ruins of what once were a fashionable mansion.

I could have wished for the piano to be played a bit more freehand, and not just the same loop repeating. But that’s about the only thing I have to pick at here, the rest is as far as I am concerned perfection. An amazing depth in the soundscape, complex textures without it becoming too busy. An important balance to master.

Storms Over Oceans (UK) – Our dreams are made of light

We round off today’s exploration of new drone releases with this beauty.

Quite dark. But reassuring! There’s no dangers here.
Instead we are invited to explore a world uncharted, unfolding as we let us guide where our curiosity leads us.

There’s a nice variation in this arrangement, while remaining the same energy level and atmosphere.

And when it ebbs out, I really feel I leave a journey behind me.
The hallmark of a good ambient track.

All three are to be found on our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect all the tracks we cover here on the blog. Weekly updated with only the finest new ambient releases. And that’s a promise.