The Deep Lounge #48

It’s been a bit more quiet than usual on the Deep House scene in recent weeks, but here’s two that deserves our attention. They are exploring the classic deep and minimal house formula in such an excellent way. True to the vibe, but still stands out.

Benjamin Bryan (Netherlands) – Reaching

Sampled snippets of soulful female vocalists. Chords from gentle synths. A hihat way upfront in the mix to whip up the vibe.

Yeah. Classic formula. But it works! And I have a theory in this respect: When a track has so much in common with earlier releases within that genre, mental images are instantly triggered of great parties in the past, experiences we want to relive. The parties that made us remain clubbers.

As for me, images resurrect of VIP lounges from the large parties that were dominating around the turn of the century. It was very often a deep house DJ in those quarters, and a massive bar, and DJs, dancers, industry insiders and journalists mingling.

Good times.

Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca (New Zealand) – Lo Que Siento (Dilby Remix)

A lovely, deep and minimal groover from NZ is up next. Such a clean and well balanced mix, crystal clear. This is one track that will make any PA sound good.

And I mean, it’s not like we haven’t heard anything like this before. But that’s not the point either. This is a track that proudly carries the heritage of smooth lounge house tracks through the decades.

And may this particular vibe never go out of style.

Both of these are of course added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge”, where we collect only the most elegant and groovy deep and minimal house beats. This list has been weekly updated for years now, and has long proven its reliability. So hit that heart shaped button and follow the playlist as it evolves further!