The Underground House Bunker #32

We remain in North America for this edition, from where three excellent new peak hour house bangers are delivered. If you’re a house DJ of the uptempo kind, don’t miss out on these!

Swayló (USA) – Burning Fire

Oh look – another club track with spoken words. And I’m all over it. As I always am.

But I mean – can you blame me? It just works so bloody well, and has done so for decades now, ever since the game changing milestone from Lil Louis & The World, “I Called U”.

Bu this track is of course more than that. The tribal drum is another perk(sorry for the pun) I always am favourable to.

Yeah. I’m gonna spin this one for sure, this summer.

Charlie de Ville (USA) – Don’t Chu

I’ve always been a sucker for tech house since long before that genre were defined (back in the days we tagged these kind of tracks the genre “club”, and I have no idea when and why that changed).

But there’s something so appealing about the unconditional dance floor designed arrangements. Yeah, no philosophical depths to be found here – they set out to do just one single thing: Trigger the most primitive of instincts in us. The instinct to MOVE.

MXJ (CANADA) – Breathe

And We round off this session with both feet still dancing on the tech house field. Quite melodic for what I usually pick but the buildups are really effetive here, and we give in to the spoken word samples featured.

Yeah, we love the way our bodies move to the beat too.

All three are per usual added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest house tracks for our energetic club nights. Weekly updated, this is one list to follow is the grooves above is within your preferences.