The Underground House Bunker #33

There’s double Italian featured in today’s edition. I’m pretty sure that’s a first here on Beatradar. Plus a real banger from the good old UK. So strap up and get ready to groove to chopped vocal samples and some seriously bass heavy club tracks.

Gary Caos x Karl8 & Andrea monta (Italy) – Sock It 2 Me

This is such a cool track.

Starts out in what I thought would be a pretty predictable affair, but the twists and turns along the way makes this one something special. I love how the vocals are mixed way back, just underlining how this is ALL about the groove, with the vocal samples just being a layer of effect.

I’m not too much of a fan of vocals in club music at all – regardless of genres – but here it works.

Rimbano (Italy) – Anthem

And the bass heavy stomping continues in this next one from Italy. In fact I think several will agree with me that there’s a few things in common between this one and our first pick today, something that makes me want to check out the Italian club scene a bit deeper.

My association with Italian club tracks stems back to the happy 80s and 90s, and was a of an entirely different nature. Chopped samples of female soul vocalists on top of disco house grooves was more the common denominator back then.

Seems things have changed down there over the last two decades. For the better. Cool!

Duke & Jones (UK) – Program

An almost hysteric atmosphere over this one, but damn how it rocks. Prime time material, for sure.

It also has an almost timeless vibe. I swear you could have heard something very similar to this one from some of the core club labels from around the turn of the century. And I mean that solely as a good thing.

So yeah – unconditional underground club vibes going on here, while still being very accessible. And isn’t that what the core of Tech House is all about?

All three are obviously added to our super groovy Spotify playlist, The Underground Bunker, where we collect all those peak hour house grooves as we discover them.