This Is Techno #30

We visit three countries whose techno scene is quite unfamiliar grounds for us in today’s edition of This Is Techno: Australia, Hungary and Bulgaria!

Charles Oliver (Australia) – Fortify

There was a time where techno was a very niche genre. Like, real niche. And the genre were dominated by very experimental sounds. The weirder the merrier, seemed to be the mantra.

This is a long time ago. But maybe that’s why I light up whenever I hear some techno stuff that is a bit different from the rest.

Like here. It’s not like I would label this the most experimental electronica I’ve heard, but there’s something about this one that sets it apart. And I am so totally there for it.

And of course it doesn’t ruin anything, the fact that it’s damn groovy. In that true, cold techno way.
A fantastic track.

Perpetual Universe (Hungary) – Rundown

This track in one word? Big. Massive. And also, it borrows a lot from the proghouse and progtrance genres. But elegantly so.

The result is a quite accessive journey of a track, where we are taken for a ride through a wide spanning soundscape of hooks, effects, all on top of a persisting bass drive.

And I don’t know about you but I am really pleased with that ride.

Metodi Hristov (Bulgaria) – Rider

Sometimes we want it dark. Pitch dark. And then this track is one that we should seek.

Because if this isn’t the core of dark underground club tracks, then I’m out of it. Sure, there’s glimmer of lights in the melodic segments. But as soon as it rolls again the darkness is back.

And so is my grin.

All three are added to our quite solid Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno”, where we collect only the highlights from the world of dark underground techno. The list is weekly updated!