Ambient Universe #125

The stream of great new ambient releases seem endless, but here’s my four picks of tracks over the last few weeks you should pay attention to.

Drone Chamber (USA) – Sonnenfreunde

It’s dark, it’s deep, and it holds a quite experimental vibe that makes this one stand out for me. It makes me curious about what sceneries the artist imagined while creating it.

For me it’s a post-apocalyptic feel. A landscape torn by conflicts and unrest.

But all is quiet now. It’s over. With all the time in the world to rebuild.

Æpogee (Norway) – Endless

We are over on brighter grounds with this next one, from my home country. Far reaching reverb swells across a horizon of softly blended harmonies.

And isn’t this the kind of ambient that made us all love this genre? It sure was for me.

Kevin Kerrigan (UK) – Oxytocin

And so we hop over to the UK as we continue with that classic drone ambient formula.

A smooth, orchestral, almost royal atmosphere. There’s no sharp edges here, no twists and turns. No surprises.

Just a lovely, calming venture into soft pads and kind harmonics.


Chilled Mint (UK) – From The Other Side

Chilled Mint is the one that adds a layer of melody to our mix today, in the shape of a gently plucked guitar. Accompanied by a selection of synths that builds a soundscape rich with details to explore.

It’s quite short, this one. And usually I will comment on that with a suggestion that it could and should be longer. Not so here. Not because I don’t think it is good enough for it, but it feels like just the right length.

It’s a moment in time, an experience that is shortly over, but just as worthy to store in memory.

All four are now added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect all the selections of ambient on this blog. There they will reside with the best of the best over the recent year or so.