The Deep Lounge #49

My memory may fail me, but I do think this is the first time we feature two remixes of the same track in the same post. And to top this we have really good Deep House track from the states, making this one of the best sounding editions of The Deep Lounge in quite a while.

Florin Dumbravenau ft Kasia (Canada) – I heard you want me (the remixes)

So, we feature remixes quite often in this column, but rarely ever have we featured two remixes of the same track. But you gotta hear these two:

The Andre Branney remix is first out, and provides that classic deep and quite minimal atmosphere we so love this genre for. A smooth affair, delicate percussions are allowed the center stage.
And we’re all here for it.

Dimension Tribe and Njabss adds a bit more energy to the track, and pulls the atmosphere further towards peak hour.
An electro-vibe of the crowd-pleasing kind.

Apollo Xo (USA) – Desires

As far as I understand this is the first release from Apollo Xo where he use his own voice. And judging from this track, that should have happened a lot earlier.
A voice that fits this branch of house music perfectly.

And man, this production reeks of floor ignition. It should be a good fit for nearly any house DJ’s bag. I know I’m gonna try this one on a crowd at the first opportunity, and I really look forward to it.

It’s gonna rock!

You’ll find these and other great house tracks on our Spotify playlist “Deep Lounge“, where we add only the finest deep grooves as we cover them on this blog. It’s been weekly updated for years now, this is one list to follow!