The Underground House Bunker #35

There’s a lot of great house grooves released on this time of year, primed for the peak hours. And we dance to the best of them in our Underground House Bunker.

THIS.IS.MARGUS (Estonia) – Concentrate

I’ve chosen an Estonian artist to kick off this session. And he does so in a quite melodic way.

But without tipping over to the cheesy side of things. Instead he manoeuvres steady on top of the contagious groove.

Well delivered!

D&S (USA) – Take Me There

On the other side of the pond we have a new release from this Chicago house duo.

A minimalist club groove from the top shelf. This is dark club extravaganza. Basement vibes.
Steamy hot air and silhouettes of dancers.

Hypnotic, revolving around the bass like a well trained goldfish.

Just the way we love it.

Myles O’Neal ft. Hadar Adora (USA) – Superficial

This track here is just sooooooo classic club vibes. It’s like the last three decades summed up. It triggers memories from clubbing all across Europe, and a wide grin is plastered on my face.

Yeah, it’s just so superficial. And, well, so are we when we’re in this mood. We’ll engage in the philosophical discussions later. Much later.

Now? Let’s dance.

All three are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest house tracks that holds that special peak hour club vibe. If you like the three tracks I picked on this post, you’re gonna love this playlist.