The Underground House Bunker #36

Spring. It’s the time of year where we usually find the most massive peak hour tracks released. Primed for the summer season. And even though it’s early spring yet, we’ve found three that we most definitely are going to play this summer, whenever and wherever possible. Check’em out and you’ll see why.

Kaveh (USA) – Dodgin’

The rhythm here is so snappy, so groovy that the bass almost feels redundant. And luckily Kaveh doesn’t add much more on top of this, as that would have ruined that snappiness completely.

Instead we are served a track that for all the good reasons lean on trusting the fundamental groove therein. As it should.

Noizu (USA) – Lost

The minimalist approach continues with this next one, from Noizu. The repeated hook invades your brain and spreads out like a good pill.

Electro vibes aplenty, this one will set the right crowd on fire.

Sir Winston (Australia) – Sex in Paris

And I round off this session with a tight mother of a track. The booming bass here threaten with shaking off our framed photos on the studio walls here when the track triggered us to give our sub a good beating.

Also, this one gives me strong associations to that old crazy band back in the days, Sigue Sigue Sputnik. And I mean that in every possible positive way.

It’s massive, this track. Massive, I say!

All three are added to our fantastic Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where it resides side-by-side with the best peak hour house tracks we’ve discovered over the last year or so.