Ambient Universe #126

We remain on the North American continent in this edition of Ambient Universe. Three deep, dark, gorgeous pieces of new ambient releases awaits you. And I dare claim this is one of the best ambient selections I’ve had so far this year.

Be Still The Earth (USA) – terrene

Be Still The Earth is to be considered a regular on these pages now. Be Still the Earth is Marshall Usinger, a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Denver, USA. And his taste of cinematic soundscapes just happen to overlap mine almost completely.

Not too melodic, not too orchestral. Focused on a given atmosphere, and paints that atmosphere across the entire canvas.

And he’s got an ear for details. Those little blips and blops and echoes and backdrops that all have a texture that compliments each other.

Yes, I do love Marshall’s work.

Dolorum & Einerlei (Canada) – Morrois (Assisi)

I love how this track starts. The static noise, the humming, the flicks and clicks. And we’re in for a treat for the rest of the track too. Lots of odd events, sounds of wonders and explorations, strange things and weird situations.

And then I realize that I just love this entire track, plain and simple. It’s utterly original, it has field recordings (but not just the generic “birds and water” sounds), it sounds like nothing else I’ve heard. And it’s pleasing to the ear.

Tryptamine (USA) – Empyrean

I’ve maybe saved the best for last, as this track is so totally what I personally am about when it comes to this genre. Dark, deep, drone-based sounds of vast spaces and strange worlds. No melodies, no twists and turns… Just a massive canvas of futuristic, abstract atmosphere.

Oh yes.

All three are added to our quite sleep-inducing Spotify playlist, Ambient Universe, where we collect only the finest new ambient as we discover them. Weekly updated for years now, this is one list that’s proven itself as a reliable source for our kind of ambient.