The Deep Lounge #50

It’s with great pleasure I can say the good Deep House releases are back after a few weeks drought. Here’s three of the best ones from what we’ve scanned through.

Left Cat (USA) – Ladle That Soup?

Ah, yeah! The groove, man. It’s all about the groove in this piece.
It’s there, it keeps going, and then it’s gone. And that’s it.

And we’re all there for it. I get mental images of a crowd dancing under a hot sun.
Smiles, good vibes, we all ended up there because we were seeking the same, and now we got it.

This is it.

Hens (Netherland) – Fantasy

Hens leads us to a darker dance floor. It’s become evening now, we ramp up the energy one notch and the good vibe remains.

Hens is a new artist on the house scene, but judging from this production he’s no stranger to the dance floor. I got a feeling he’s hanging at all the right places down there in the land of the canals, windmills and bicycles.

Samm (Belgium) – Does It Matter

This last one is actually a bit atypical of what I usually feature on this column (and thus the playlist). It’s very vocal driven, this one. But what a vocal! And what a groove.

This is that vocal break any underground house set deserves.

All three are added to our creme de la creme Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest house tracks as we discover them. This is what WE would have played at our Deep Lounge club.