This Is Techno #32

Another session where the sun never shines: Our techno dungeon. Three great new techno tracks that delivers on all cylinders (uhm… Not sure if that made any sense. But the tracks do!).

Blake Strange (Australia) – Alter Ego

Dark, rolling, driving, with next to no melodic components at all. That’s how we like’em. And that’s exactly what is delivered here, by Blake Strange.

It’s borderline progressive house, this one. At the very least a crossover towards what progressive house used to be. But that’s only an advantage if you ask me. A massive, MASSIVE sound built for equally massive PA systems.

I want this one on my next allnighter.

Sam Wolfe & UMEK (USA/Slovenia) – Mind Of One

We’ve featured Sam Wolfe before and here he again shows why, this time in collaboration with Umek.
It’s so dark, so stomping, so magnificent!

… And so very well produced. That twisted synth in the break? Worth the track all by itself.

Isoskeles (Greece) – Shiny Object Syndrome

And speaking of darkness, how about this one? Isoskeles pulls us down into the darkest corner of the dungeon with this underground slammer of a track.

Isoskeles knows real techno holds no melody. So every instrument in this track, from bass to lead synth and everything between is used as a percussive tool. The result is something that drives the night into the sunrise.

The place this track takes us? We like it there. Let’s hang for a while.

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “THIS Is Techno”, and if you did enjoy the above listed tracks then you probably want to check this list. And who knows, you might even end up following it?