Ambient Universe #127

Time for a roundup of new, interesting ambient releases that we have discovered over the last couple of weeks. Here’s four of the best.

Antarctic Wastelands (Hong Kong) – I Can’t Feel You Any More

Washed out pads rolling across the horizon. A known formula, and as with most ambient styles it’s all about the sound design rather than the arrangement itself.

And that’s where this track shines. It’s what made me pick it up for this edition of Ambient Universe. The hollow, slightly rustic textures, accompanied by choir-like layers in deep reverb, establishing an abstract soundscape of emptiness and reflections.

Perfectly suitable for the title of the track.

The Passive Fire (USA) – Moon Drops

The drops are perhaps a bit too visual in the soundscape of this composition, a bit too obvious, but there’s no denying the sedated atmosphere of the gorgeous lines drawn on the audio canvas.

I perceive this as a bright, friendly track. My imagination takes me outdoor to a medieval fantasy RPG landscape of green hills and imaginative wildlife. A high level knight on their proud mount, heading to the closest village for a meetup with the local weapon-smith, infamous for their daggers with a powerful AOE buff.

Council Of Nine (Moldova) – The Box

Ambient from Moldova! Surely that’s a first here on Beatradar. And there’s a very present drama in this introduction to Moldovian ambient.

Drama, but enshrouded in darkness. Desolation. Endless depth. Draped in a palette of grey-tones. And I love every single component of what I now listed.

Very cinematic. Fitting for a post-apocalyptic movie.

Philippe Deschamps (France) – Mountains of wind

I’ll round off this session with a track that delivers exactly what’s said on the tin.

I’ve always been a lover of strong winds. I mean, sure, who doesn’t love a warm, calm summer day, right? We all do. But of all the weather types we have, if I had to favor just one it would have to be storms. Gorgeous, howling winds that put my balance to a test. The stronger the merrier. With or without rain or snow.

So ambient tracks with as strong vibes of winds as we have here will always make me dozy and calm.

All four are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient tracks as we discover them. Weekly maintained for years now, this is one reliable source for calmness. No beats, guaranteed.