Ambient Universe #128

Ambient is a never-ending source for new audio imagery. Here’s three new releases who painted our mental canvas with the most gorgeous visions.

Metric System 1981 (Germany) – Ocean, a Prophecy

Sometimes I wonder what the age of the typical ambient artist is. I always imagine it to be rather high. There’s something about the overall atmosphere of ambient that just feels like… Wisdom. Mature calmness. An artistic confidence that comes with age. The relief from not having to chase trends and charts. The luxury of having lived a while.

As for Michael, the mind behind Metric System 1981, he’s been around for a while and has a CV that also includes years of success as a board-game designer. And how cool is that?

Ambient and board games? Perfect companions.

Christian Wittman (France) – Evanescent Shades

We continue much in the same kind of atmosphere as the above.

Those who follow this column will know that I am usually after tracks that gives a futuristic, deep space vibe. And while it’s fairly abstract I have to say this one more reminds me of a scene from the gorgeous planet we live on.

But sometimes we deserve to be reminded of exactly that. It’s a gorgeous planet – go explore it.

Florent MANZONI (France) – Light of the Deep (Original Game Soundtrack)

This last one is a real sweet piece. It’s so interesting that it apparently is made for a game, because it so totally gave me gaming associations. Wide open world game, lush woods and hot deserts, and strange new life forms to discover.

It actually reminds me a bit of some of the tracks found in the good old Anarchy Online. My first mmorpg – and thus the game I have such sweet memories from.

And this track makes me relive all those gorgeous moments.

All three currently resides on top of our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect the finest new ambient tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated for many years now, this is one trustworthy source for new ambient discoveries.