The Beach Lounge #48

Finally summer! Here’s three tracks that should be added to your soundtrack of summer 2023.

Nebulae Waves (Germany) – Glacier

This one is such an excellent background track. And I do not mean that in any degorative way whatsoever – chill-out tracks should be well suited for exactly that, or there’s something wrong.

But this one maybe more so than your average chill track. I think it’s the light chords and rich soundscape that does it. It doesn’t really go anywhere but instead paints an abstract pastel watercolor picture that delicately fills air with good vibes.

Max Maxwell (Australia) – Coming Home

The next track takes us more on a journey. But the scenic route. The quiet, calm path across acres and seasides, sunsets and gentle winds.

And the destination? Oh, we’ll get there in time. No rush. But if you feel like it, just close your eyes and you’re there.


Advika (USA) – Come Back To Earth

Dreamland, we’ve arrived.

I mean, wow. Listen to this. The angelic voice triggers associations back to the Twin Peaks soundtrack, “Falling”. With a tender, jazzy vibe on top.

Yeah, this track is the dream.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge” where we collect only the finest downtempo tracks with that right vibe. Weekly updated, all year round.