The Deep Lounge #51

Summer and Deep House. There’s a connection here. Especially played on boat parties or beach lounges. Here’s three of whom you should then spin.

Samm (Germany) – Does It Matter (Ajna Remix)

My instant thought when I first heard the vocals was, “hooh, now this is a bit too loud in the mix isn’t it?“.

But I soon corrected myself. There’s something about the closeness of the vocals here that really pulls me in. And the character of the voice. Plus, there’s not too much of it. This is a track built for the groove, built for the floor.

And it excels at that.

Loui & Scibi (Poland) – Higher

And speaking of cultivating a groove – this track is all about exactly that. and I love every second of it.

It just keeps rolling. And we’re rolling with it. I honestly think that this track could have been running for three times the length without me even thinking about it.

One well armed to be included in your next DJ set. It’s gonna kill’em. In a good way.

Lux Velour (USA) – Airplane Mode

And let’s continue on that groove introspecting perspective, shall we? This is another great great example of such, but of a slightly different vibe.

This one holds that perfect balance between a cool lounge vibe and hectic dance floor activity. It really can be used for both.

So, that means we can play it even more often, right? I know I will.

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest, deepest beats from the house underground scene.