The Underground House Bunker #38

There’s so many tracks I decline for this blog with the reason of a too repetitive vocal sample. It grows stale. And I’ve never really been one for vocals in my club music.
But here’s three tracks where this exact thing works like crazy, so repetitive vocals doesn’t have to grow stale on me – if they are good enough.

Solardo & Joshwa (UK) – VIP Business

This track here is just so damn fun.

And If a cred troll comes up to me and claim this is too cheesy I’ll just smile and keep dancing.

Because, not everything needs to be deep and dark and minimal and inaccessible. Yeah by all means, we love that too, sure! But that’s not the be all end all of proper club tracks.

I dare you prove me wrong: This track here will rock any floor that covers this genre. Any!

Wenzday feat. Tyler Graves (USA) – Like That

We continue with another excellent track from that same area of the Tech House genre.

The groove is pushed so well here, well supported by that stomping, round, massive bass we physically feel when running on a proper PA.

And that’s it! But man… It grooves.

Nick AG (Canada) – Bad Habit

Here’s my third example of a successful result of that same formula of a repetitive vocal sample draped across a happy go lucky tech house beat.

A track that has a very timeless feel to it. It could have been released like 20 years ago, back then I was the resident DJ at a club that pushed this exact groove.

But of course, it works just as well today.

All three are currently sitting on top of our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where the proper peak hour house beats are collected as we cover them. Updated weekly, this is one list to follow!