The Beach Lounge #49

Here’s my thing about vocals in club music: They can’t take up too much space. They need to blend into the arrangement. No “lead” vocals in the traditional, dominating sense. And I think the two tracks I have for you today are great examples of how this is done right.

Prince Josh (Canada) – The Glory

Lovely vocals on this one. To such an extent that I think the sampled rather noisy/industrial rhythm loop was a bit too much behind the vocals – it gets in the way. And I’m one that usually think the opposite to be the case – that the vocals gets in the way of the instruments.
It should at the very least be placed much lower in the mix.

That aside, this is one track that I still do enjoy immensely. There’s just something about the laid-back vibe here that resonates so much with my idea of ideal background tracks for a lazy beach lounge vibe.

Scasca feat. Talipes Valgus (Serbia) – Glue

The reverb drenched vocals here are almost, almost to be considered to be pads in the arrangement. And I’m so totally here for it.

I mean, it’s easy to not even notice the words performed – it’s just… Calmness all over, a non-figurative picture is drawn in our minds.

Dreamy, floating voices that carries us up and into an abstract realm.

Both are added to what surely should be your main Spotify playlist for this calm and hot summer: “Beach Lounge”. Only the most chill vibes are collected there, and have been weekly updated for years now. If the above two is your cup of tea then this is one list you’d want to follow.