The Deep Lounge #52

Summer has definitely hit our shores nowadays, with an accordingly lower blog activity. But we just had to take a break from our recreational activities to show you two great new house tracks.

Sarp Ozaydin (Turkey) – Natural Enemies

Such an ultra-classic house groove on this one. But well done! A rock solid mix, it pumps like it’s meant to.

Stretches out over a good six minutes and then some – and does so with confidence and not too many detours from the main groove. I guess it’s too monotone for some, but for the rest of us this is the groove we live for, so why add distractions to that?

Hugo Ryder (UK) – In To Focus

I love instrumental club music. And this track works as a good example of that.

It lets us focus on all those details that goes on in the soundscape instead – and it gives room for the producer to do exactly that.

And the way the bass here rolls, and the percussive elements complete each other, and the arrangement widens out and embrace your speakers… I mean, any kind of vocal would just completely mess up this gorgeous scene.

And I just love, LOVE this bass.

Both are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest house grooves picked from the deep end of the pond. Weekly updated for years now, this is one well proven source of new great house tracks.