Ambient Universe #130

It’s USA against Germany in this edition of Ambient universe. Here’s four you must hear, two from each country.

Ceramic (USA) – It Takes Some Time

This one is just gorgeous.

The hollow sound of an endless space fills our studio as we lean back and lower the lights. Slowly evolving harmonics floats around us, in this space trip of a track.

It’s not like it does anything groundbreaking or new, but man how well they do it.

Loops & Loops (USA) – Ebullient

The second contribution from the US is a synth-oriented creation in the tradition of the classic ambient masters.

And it’s masterly done. I would believe this one appeals to synth lovers well beyond the ambient crowds. So delicate, so floating, and so very very modular synth soundscape.

snurretop (Germany) – Azath – Sentinels of Eternity (cutdown)

A darker track is next. Mental images of deserted, once sacred shrines from a long lost civilization emerge in my mind.

And I love anything with post-apocalyptic vibes.

Nico Less (Germany) – Slowing Everything Down

Nico, a gentleman we also featured a couple of weeks ago has fast risen to become one of our favourite new ambient producers. So as we explore Nico Less’ latest composition we enjoy the final track from Germany today.

A tender, calm affair fills the air. Soft bells, friendly pads, all moving in slow motion.

Utterly harmonic. Like a sedated wind chime. I’d want one of those.

All four are added to our remarkably good ambient playlist on Spotify, “Ambient Universe“. Maintained for years now, this is one list to follow for all your ambient cravings. No beats, guaranteed.