Ambient Universe #131

As I continue my catch-up with great releases this summer, here’s another trio of great tracks you really should check out if Ambient is your thing.

Jack Quinn (Canada) – Abrasax

I start out with a track that’s a bit more melodic than what I usually go for. The bells are indeed ringing for this one.

But dude…
… That atmosphere! Oh my god, the atmosphere.

Hear how the different layers play against each other, with each other, back and forth. Like fireflies on a quiet summer evening.

I mean… This is it. This is ambient at its finest.

Exio (UK) – Mirage

This, to me, is space. Deep space. “Here I am, floating in my tin can”.
An orchestral piece about the greatness and beauty of our universe.

And, well, that’s the vibe I usually seek in my ambient: I want to be taken away.

Far, far away. And I am so there now.

Be Still The Earth (USA) – Shelter

We end this session with a regular under this column: Be Still The Earth. Their tender creations are just magical. Abstract renderings of soft colours, like a dream on acid, floating across the stereo field to embrace the air with… Love.

Yeah. I think it is love I hear.
Not the concrete love for another living creature, but the fundamental ingredient that makes one feel so. The essence.

All three are added to our really quite excellent, and now long standing Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest new ambient releases as we discover them.Weekly updated, this is the only ambient playlist you need.
No beats, guaranteed.