Ambient Universe #132

Ahh – we’re going dark today. Real dark. Here’s three gorgeous new ambient releases that all dwell in the lesser illuminated corners of the ambient universe.

statika (Sweden) – Ghostwalk

We’re starting off dark. Real dark. The place depicted here is not well illuminated. Nor at a cosy temperature.

But it’s grand. The full spectrum of greytones are on display and used well. There’s drama in it, while still maintaining a calmness.

I can see a vast open nothingness from the fringe of our solar system. Or a backyard in a cyberpunk urban setting where it all has gone to hell.

Or a wasteland long after the apocalypse.

Either way – I’m so there for it.

snurretop (Germany) – Mockra – Path of Mind (cutdown)

We remain on the darker side of ambient with this next one, from Germany.

Albeit… There is more light here. Can you see it? A hint of sunbeams breaking through the dust and stench. A sunrise in any of the above listed sceneries? Could very well be.

But the dark clouds are never far behind.

Christian Wittman (France) – Orpheus, Pt. 3

And speaking of darkness and drama, we’re almost in the psychological thriller landscape now.

What I particularly love about this composition is the very apparent orchestral element to it. The foundation of this track is of a melodic nature, but suppressed enough to maintain allegiance to the darker ambient genre, it never breaks out into something too melodic.

The result is an utterly atmospheric experience on a level that we really do not experience in many other genres than precisely classical music.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where they enjoy company with what we consider to be the best new ambient from the last couple of years. Weekly updated for many years now, this one has long proven itself to be a reliable source for new ambient discoveries.