The Beach Lounge #50

Here’s a bouquet of three newly released tracks that are added to our collection of downtempo feelgood. These are not to be missed!

Damian Boylan (UK) – Vectors

Damian delivers what one might safely call a classic chill-out vibe. I don’t think I step on any toes in saying so. It has it all: Orchestral string segments, gentle keys dancing on top of a soft bass that encompass it all in parallel with a swelling rhythm.

But I mean, that’s what this entire strain of downtempo is all about! So it’s all about doing those parts really really good.

And that’s what Damian has done here. This is the stuff we try to build our entire playlist on.

Laura Misch (UK) – Listen to the Sky

And the smooth beats continues with this one from Damian’s fellow Brit, Laura Misch. With vocals to match it all. Windy, calm and utterly harmonic.

But above all I fell in love with the brass on this one. So jazzy, free and open sounding.
Just perfect!

Kontaktees feat. Aunika – Teya

There’s just so many potential influences found in this track. From Asian and Middle East vibes to the Gregorian atmospheres from the likes of the Rumanian artist Michael Cretu and his Enigma project of back in the days (we talk early 90s now), all draped across a soft and groovy beat.

A powerful combination that works, as proven time and again. As indeed well illustrated on this track too.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, where all the sunny downtempo discoveries are collected as we find them. I playlist that’s been running for years now, this is one stable source of new great downtempo vibes.