The Deep Lounge #53

We have a surprisingly vocal-centrist edition of The Deep Lunge today. Surprising, since I’m not really a fan of such. But these ones are goooood.

Fat Freddy’s Drop (Australia) – Mother Mother (Feiertag Remix)

I’m not usually one for vocals in my house music. It usually takes things too far over on the melodic side and becomes too mainstream (ironically I am so totally hooked on spoken word in club tracks, though).

And here we have a track that’s got all the hallmarks of a track I usually browse past. There’s just… Something here.

So this is currently one of my favourite tracks. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Can you hear why?

Maybe it’s the coolness of the vocals.
Maybe it’s the really really smooth melody.
Maybe it’s the seductive bass.

Maybe it’s all those things, plus a sprinkle of the abstract stuff that makes music magical.

Lars Halo (Germany) – Why Do U Do This

And while we’re on the subject of melodic, vocal lead house tracks, why not do one more? I could say much the same as the above in this track, even though the vocal track is of a quite different nature.

The house drive here is just so perfect for those lounge sessions that’s just as much about chilling with some exotic drinks as it is for dancing. It provides fodder for both.

A friendly, mild groove to set an optimistic atmosphere. This is gonna be a good evening.

Yannick Mueller (Switzerland) – You & I

Oh hell, we’re on a roll. So let’s stick to vocal driven house for one more track:

We are diving a bit deeper now, with this gorgeous groove from Switzerland. The vocals are taking a bit more of a back seat in this drive, but that’s really to the advantage of the track.

Because, this one is all about that chord progression that cruise in the background, on top of a groove with a delicate hint of a tribal touch.

A touch that will turn to a firmer grip in this next one:

fran&co (Germany) – Leo Ni Kucheza

We end this session with the second contribution from Germany. A tribal infused track that scratched my itch for progressively driven monsters.

A gorgeous drive on top of this one, rolling on top of a rock solid bass. Gorgeous a dark vibe giving it a very legit underground feel.

Peak hour material. What a way to end this edition of The Deep Lounge!

All four are added to our long standing Spotify playlist Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest, deepest grooves from the underground house scene.