The Deep Lounge #54

Three really smooth grooves are spinning in our Deep Lounge this time. If you don’t dig these then fair enough, but your loss! The rest of us are dancing now.

Boom Bap Ballade & Kozlevchar (Slovenia) – Djebali

Yeah, an odd artist name. But the producer behind it sure knows how to compose that dark, deep groove. The kind we could play at any of our underground gigs. For years.

Because, it has an undeniable timeless vibe, this track. It could have been released 15 years ago, and it could just as well have been released a few years from now.

It really nails the essence of the deep, progressive drive.

Kashyk (Switzerland) – Stargazing

… And we continue roughly in the same level of depth with this next one, from Switzerland. But with a much more dreamy vibe.

If I say this is a track to sleep to, please do not take that as anything but a compliment to the versatility of this track. But really, that calm pad hovering in the background here, tell that ain’t hypnotizing? And those gentle synths, tickling your eardrums like the breath from an elf?

We could of course also add that surely this is the perfect track for the good trippin’.
But we won’t go there. Not today. It’s only Tuesday.

Rovoam (USA) – Uninhabited

A sweet vocal wakes us up from the sedative state we were seduced into above. And what a track to wake up to. This one has an appeal far wider than what we usually play (and prefer!) over here at Beatradar. I mean, this one could be played at any of those mainstream bars we scowl at while passing by on our way to the real clubs…
… Only to be met by this track at those clubs too.

This one has that kind of universal appeal. And I dig it. So why is this one not available on Beatport? Time to change aggregator, Rovoam.

All three are added to our excellent SPo1tify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new house tracks as we discover them. Maintained for years now, this is one reliable source for’em good grooves.