Ambient Universe #133

Sunday. There’s no better day for an ambient session. So here we are, with the 133th edition of Ambient Universe. Three great new releases that takes you places far, far away.

Samatha (Belgium) – Magenta

We’re starting this session on the harmonic side of things. Long, slow pads, intriguing textures, calming atmosphere… Yeah this has it all.

Some ambient aficionados might complain that those properties are quite formulaic for this genre. And well, it’s hard to argue against that. But all genres have their formulas, and when one follow such hallmarks for the given genre, the clue is to make it better than most.

And to me, this one is of the better ones within this branch of the genre.

Arttu Silvast (Finland) – Before it Rains

Next up is a contribution from Finland, and from a stereotypical perspective we should not be surprised that we are entering darker grounds now.
Still melodic, though. And delicately so.

One could probably claim that ambient by the very nature is a very soundtrack-friendly format. But some more than others, and this one here remarkably so. It’s so I picture the credits scrolling before my eyes.

And whatever film was found suitable for this vibe is a movie I’d love to see.

David Janisch (USA) – Study for Joe

David is already very recently featured twice in our playlist, and it was about time to get around to mention him also in this column.

His work creates this mental imagery of a vast space, delicately arranged. It has a certain darkness to it, and one of the properties I really appreciate in the work of this artist is his patience to keep an harmonic for a long time and let it evolve and establish itself in the soundscape. No rushing fortward, no melody to chase. Instead the harmonics are explored and experimented with by gentle hands.

I really, really appreciate that in ambient compositions.

All three are added to our quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where only the finest new ambient tracks are added on a weekly basis. Making this list an excellent source for new discoveries within the genre we love.
Give us a follow today if you like, hit play and let it aim you to sleep. It’s perfect for that. We speak of experience.