Ambient Universe #134

The stream of great new ambient releases really do seem endless, but who are we to complain? Here’s three of the latest and greatest.

Arttu Silvast (Finland) – A Midday Mirage

We’re starting off fairly bright and peaceful (it’ll get darker, wait and see). Melodic, but not too much so.

And there’s an element of exploration to be found here, I think. We are on the move, but at a slow pace. A probe, into unknown lands.

The journey is the destination. Especially when the scenery is as delicate and inviting as this.

Tim Mechling (USA) – A Screaming Wave Comes Crashing Cruel and Blind

There’s a dark, threatening atmosphere over this one, featuring the seagulls from hell. Where all hope is lost, but the fundamental will to live.

But what a life is there to be had in this world? Not one of comfort and pleasure, for sure. But I’d still love to be there. At least for a few months.

I realize now, that if “post-apocalyptic time-travel tourism” was a thing I’d be a customer.

lost.empathy (Russia) – chance meeting

It’s an easy target to construct a link between the artist name and nationality here, but I bite my tongue and promise won’t. Instead I’ll focus on the track.

And that’s easy to do when it is as good as this one. Gorgeous pads lay the grounds for a colourful travel through rich harmonies, depicting a peaceful state of inner calmness and balance.

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All three are added to one of the better Spotify playlists out there, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest pieces of new ambient works as we discover them. Worth a follow.