The Beach Lounge #51

Two new smooth releases are loaded for your pleasure, both with all the properties that makes it to the playlist of our imaginary Beach Lounge.

Halina Rice (UK) – New Basis

Some obvious inspiration taken from their current peers – but who can blame’em really, that organ sound is so expressive, so groovy, it just begs to be used… And exactly like that.

I also dig the arrangement here. It could have just been rolling over a looped beat and still be a nice ride, but this is better. I smell a classic in our chill-out sets the coming winter.

rocomoco & The Hidden (Germany/UK) – Everything is ok

Everything is ok, they say. A bold claim in the world we live in today. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

But one thing is for sure: Everything is more than ok during the duration of this track. A lovely atmosphere is spun up, with an arrangement subtle enough to blend in as the backdrop of a moment worth living.

Both tracks are looming high up on our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new chillout tracks as we discover them. Maintained for years now, this is one list to follow for that classy beach lounge vibe.