The Underground House Bunker #40

Floor fillers, from the subtle to the unashamed – we got you covered in this edition of The Underground House Bunker.

TONG (USA) – Da Di

I’m the kind of DJ and clubber that appreciate the more subtle grooves. Those that kind of slides into your subconcience and connects you with associations of all the best club vibes you’ve ever experienced. I can’t really stand the more cheesy “all hands in the air”, non-stop rising frenetic energy. Many dig’em. I don’t.

But… There’s one kind of tracks that makes for one huge stack of guilty pleasures in my DJ bag. They are so unashamedly blunt in their floor magnetism, it’s like they don’t even TRY to be coy.

And, well, it works. Like here. It’s your peak hour emergency kit. This is full throttle on making the floor BOIL.
Yeah, I need this in my bag. And so do you. If all else fails… This one will save the night.

ISEELIGHTS (United Arab Emirates) – Promised Me

Here’s a track closer to what I typically go for if I am to play at a tech house centered club. The groove here is just so timeless, so classic house it could have been produced ten years ago – or could be released five years from now.

So bouncy, with a bass that means business. So well arranged and mixed, it jumps out of the speakers here.

A track perfect to spin as we get closer to peak our.

The Foolish Lover (Canada) – Move

I’m rounding off this session with the most subtle of today’s tracks. A rather intriguing combo of rock solid beats and utterly melodic pads.

Not a combo I usually go for, but here it works. More than works, I actually find myself really listening to this one, letting my thoughts wander, exploring the progression… While bopping my head.

It’s like a weird trip, this one. Weird, but good.

All three are added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest tracks suitable for those steamy hot club nights. Just put it on – you will like it. Well worth a follow!