Ambient Universe #135

More than any other genre, ambient is all about triggering mental images or associations, especially a rather abstract imagery. It’s like the litmus-test of any ambient track. If it fails there, it fails – period. Then, after that, it’s more a question if the soundscape is within your subjective preferences.

Here’s three that qualifies on that test.

Ocero (USA) – Hex

It sounds like an introduction to something, this one. I would not be surprised if this will be the opening track of an upcoming album.

And what an opening. Grande. Elegant. I am taken to a tale of wonders and fascination. A society with their own rules, a culture built on a higher intellectual level than mine. Something to dream about.

Yes, this is a good dream. Could this be… What heaven would have sounded like?

Solar Circle (Netherlands) – Envelop

Sacred. Mysterious. As ancient as space itself. A dark, deep void of undiscovered realities.
These are the associations triggered in me by this piece.

And I particularly love the booming bass on this one. It fills the room with… Solitude.

Speaking of that… Too often I hear ambient tracks with almost nothing going on in the bottom half of the frequency spectrum. And not without exceptions of course – but I think that is almost always a mistake.

HAAV & Inge Weatherhead Breistein (Norway) – Flust Etterklang

We return to more earthly vibes with this next one, from the cold north. With the help of acoustic instruments and field recordings we are taken to a soundscape that holds massive, open fields.

Endless horizons of untouched wilderness. What more can we dream of really, on that fundamental instinct of survival.

All three are found where all the good stuff is collected: At our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“. That’s where we keep our discoveries for all to enjoy.