The Beach Lounge #52

It’s getting real cold here up in the north now. Cold and dark. So we want to brighten the day with some beach lounge vibes. Here’s three great new releases of that kind.

Jeff Germita (Philippines) – Still Don’t Know

A prominent house beat sets the scene here, delightfully garnished by long shallow pads and dreamy vocal samples. With a solid bass at the bottom to keep us awake.

And that’s it. But we need no more than that. I mean, this is essentially the formula I seek for this column. It’s the perfect chill-out vibe as far as I am concerned. As also illustrated by the next track:

Northern Form (USA) – Enito

… We find much of the above description applicable also for this release.
It’s a bit more upbeat, and especially that 4:4 segment towards the end there I could actually have preferred to be without.

But that aside, it’s a rich and groovy soundscape I’d so totally spin at a beach lounge. Probably towards the end, as we prepare for the night clubs?

Banyan & Benji Lewis (USA/Australia) – Anywhere

Here the vocals grab the focal point of the arrangement, but the rhythmic sections are indeed prominent too. And what a beat on offer here! Playful, light footed, utterly groovy.

Here at Beatradar we had to put this one on instant repeat. This is head bopping material for lazy summer days – or to dream ourselves into such a scenery.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, who over time has evolved into quite the extensive list of more than a hundred great selections to spin at our imaginary beach lounge. Weekly updated, this is one list safe to add to your collection. It just keeps on giving.