The Deep Lounge #55

Two new deep house beats on the menu for today. One that so perfectly demonstrates the right balance between lounge and groove, and one groover from… Indonesia!

Fillup Waters (USA) – Slipping Away

I love the break in this one. Well, I love the whole thing of course, but that atmosphere during the breaks, that’s magic.

The rest of the track is a very good example of that duality I often seek in my deep house: A very peculiar balance between a calm lounge vibe and catchy house beats. As indicated by the title it’s essentially the theme of this column (and playlist).

This one here demonstrates so well what I mean by that blend.

Tommy Veanud (Indonesia) – Avantage

Next up is a loop focused house track from a country I don’t think we’ve heard from before on this blog: Indonesia! Very cool.

And it’s a tight production. The pumping bass, the funky guitar flicks, the side-chained pads in the background. Oh yes – this is house music the way we know it…

… And love it.

Both of these charmers are found on our remarkably good Spotify playlist, “Deep Lounge“, where they reside with our other favorites from over the last year or so.