The Underground House Bunker #41

We are going all “generic” in this edition of Underground House Bunker. But in a good way. Two excellent new releases from each their continent hit our decks. They may not win any prize for their uniqueness, but they are built with that proper underground house material we always will love.

Hakala (USA) – Elevator Music

When you’ve been part of the clubbing scene for a while, some patterns are starting to get instinctively familiar. So much so that you may think, “I’ve heard this one before, haven’t I?”. This is probably one of those tracks. It does follow the familiar arrangements and buildups that we’ve come to know – and love – so well.

And oh – the irony of them naming the track “Elevator Music”. Just perfect. Surely it must be meant as a nod to the “familiar/generic” accusations of whom I myself am guilty of above.

It does leave a reviewer in a kind of a difficult situation though. How can I say something new about this one, that I’ve not already said in regards to those other tracks of similar nature I’ve covered over the years?

I don’t think I can. All I can say is that there’s a reason why these kind of club tracks never goes out of fashion. It’s because this stuff here is material that works so, SO well in a DJ set.

And always will.

LasKee (UK) – Kreepin

I’m continuing the classic club track category with this next one, from our neighbors in the UK. A tight, stomping mix-down provides a kick even on the tiniest of speakers. And on a proper PA? Dude, we tested these on the PA system here at Beatradar HQ, and the subwoofer pushed air like it was possessed. Yeah, the walls literary shook. This one SLAMS.

And speaking of proper PA systems: There’s late night club vibes aplenty here.
A bass-line as tight as a rope pulls us into the early hours of next day. Where the hell did that night go? We’ve no idea, we just know it was a great one.

And THAT’s why we’re still clubbers, after all these years. 😉

Both are added to our criminally ignored Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker”, where we collect all those great peak hour house tracks as we discover them. Spread the word, spread the love!