The Beach Lounge #53

Let’s do another session of some downtempo, friendly and peaceful vibes, shall we? Here’s four great ones that represent each their styles within the downtempo sphere.

Jeff Germita (Phillipines) – Ad Astra

We’re opening this session with a rather dark and deep affair. Heavy kicks and a massive, dark bass shapes the foundation of this construction, toppled with angelic voices and gentle synths.

And: The groove, man… Rarely have I ever let a track shake the walls at our studio here with a bigger grin on my face.

A really cool show opener.

Distant.Face (USA) – So Sweet

… I guess we could not really create more of a contrast than with this jazzy lounge track of a really classic nature.

But we never get tired of these vibes, do we? I know I don’t.

Danube (Belgium) – Vienna

That intro screamed “Fallout” to me. Sounds like something sampled off a really old record.

But it soon evolves into something from our decade, and elegantly so. Lovely percussive details and an incredibly rich soundscape makes this one a track to close our eyes and explore.

ASHE ft. Midnite Amity (Canada) – Moment

We’re rounding off this session with a gorgeous track from Canada. Vocal lead tracks, that’s not often we feature on here actually, but this time I just could not resist it.

But the full production really reeks of quality work. Very well mixed, it really pops out of our speakers. A treatment this source is worthy of.

All four are added to our very chill Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo tracks as we discover them. This one will be silk to your lounge, for sure.
… Whatever that may mean.