The Underground House Bunker #42

There’s a lot of boring tech house. Yeah, I said it. Boring, generic stuff, made by folks who seem to think that all that’s needed is enough energy, some chopped up samples and a big buildup and it’s all good in the hood.
But here’s three who saves the genre all by themselves.

BNN (Kazakhstan) – Dale

It’s easy to give all attention to the vocal sample here (as often is the case with vocals) but the real magic goes on in the percussion and bass layers.
So tight, lovely dry sub bass that doesn’t crave attention, it just aims STRAIGHT for your subconsciousness and shakes your foundations.

It’s just so good. It also makes me miss the good old classic tribal house genre. That genre used to be filled to the brim with these kind of vibes.

WiLLY MiKK (USA) – Work Hard Play Hard

A more stripped down track up next, with a minimal organ play that just screams FUNK.
Yeah, this is one that takes me straight back to the funk bunkers of yesteryear, back when nobody outside the inner clubbing core knew what was going on.

This is also a track that begs to be mixed with other tracks. One of the typical treats we get from minimal arrangements, they really are all DJ tools at heart.

Juan Dileju, John Camir & Nick Duque (Colombia) – Freaked Out

We are back on the very peak hour segment with this last one, from Colombia.
A rock solid bass that knows how to stress-test the subwoofers. Without ever being too much.

Excellently mixed, great arrangement, this one will make your floor boil!

All three are obviously added to our really quite excellent Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest uptempo house tracks as we discover them. Give it a follow and enjoy a properly curated playlist.