The Beach Lounge #54

I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the longing for summer or maybe it’s just the winter atmosphere that puts me in a quieter mood, but I do tend to seek out more calm beats at this time of year.
Here’s a handful of the best chilled tracks I’ve come across over the past few weeks.

LateNightBeatFeast (UK) – Intelligent Hallucinations

This one actually holds a bit more energy than I usually pick for this column, the beat here really do whirl up some dust. But the gorgeous layers of synths counter that with a chill vibe that makes me lean back and just enjoy the vibe.

It’s a very well arranged track that sounds so tight, so glued together, so well polished that it totally place itself amongst my current favorites of the more downtempo creations.

w-berg (Germany) – Liquid Space

Here on the other hand, the energy is more representative for what I usually pick for our dear Beach Lounge. That’s not to say the beat is not prominent, it is, but doesn’t take center stage to the same extent as the track we started with.

The pads here are pretty much waves across the shore. I close my eyes and I see late, harmonic evenings at the beach.

But there’s also a veil of darkness over it. It’s not all happy-go-lucky, and I like that added depth.

Mattr (UK) – Gaija

Mattr is an artist we’ve covered several times before, and with good reason. He’s got an ear for sound design that really hits home with me. It’s never bloated, and trust the elegance of the rather barebone arrangements.

I said “elegance“. And that’s really it for me. This track is just so elegant.
The perfect way to end this session.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest lounge beats as we discover them. We dig deeper than just the most established artists, so be sure to add this one to your collection of playlists, it’s bound to give you discoveries you don’t find elsewhere.