Ambient Universe #136

Artists from the USA totally dominates the ambient scene, as displayed by the triple American feature in this edition of Ambient Universe. But I mean, what can I do – they’re good!

Dionisaf (USA) – Sensitive Moments (432 Hz)

Guitars are often featured in most sub-genres of ambient – but usually very clean sounding and not as distorted as here.

But I think it works! It adds a rustic feel to the audio landscape. Admittedly though it also adds to the energy level of the track, and that may be an objection from some. But me, I bask in the reverb soaked delays and say, “this guitar is at home here”.

City Of Dawn (USA) – Brew Haven (Ancient Astronaut remix)

Next up is a track that follows a very classic formula of “long pads in slowly evolving harmonics”. Yes, we’ve heard it before, chances are good that it was exactly these kinds of ambient pieces that drew you to the genre in the first place.

And it’s no wonder it’s become a staple of the genre. I mean, can it really get any more majestic?

Oduum (USA) – Slow Awake

We are ending this session on a really dark note – the kind of ambient that probably sits closest to my heart.

Incredibly imaginative soundscapes being built here, with a gorgeous futuristic vibe. It’s dark, it’s gloomy, it’s deserted and gritty.

And I love every single minute of it.

All three are found where all the good stuff is collected: At our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“. That’s where we keep our discoveries for all to enjoy. Well worth a follow.